Donauinsel Festival 2017

One of my favourite things in summer is definitely music festivals. I just love the atmosphere in festivals and dancing outdoors with friends along with great music. There is something about live music! This year I wasn’t sure if I would have an opportunity to attend any big festivals in Finland but luckily I got to experience Donauinsel festival 23–25.6 here in Vienna!

The Donauinselfest is Europe’s largest open air festival without any entrance fees and has been organized already during 33 years! In total there were 11 different stages, over 3 million visitors during the weekend and many artists all over Europe. I was more than happy to experience this!

This pic doesn’t require any editing or filters. The sky is so AMAZING! Thanks Detti for a picture!

However, Donauinsel was not the only party that we had on weekend. Oscar had also his birthday on Friday, so he organized a nice BBQ event at the garden of his place. Weather continued still really warm so it was perfect to be outside and make some food before going together to festivals. At the very same day they actually celebrated “Juhannus” (Midsummer Day) in Finland which is absolutely one of my favourite holiday of the year. Sadly, this year I wasn’t able to celebrate it in our summer cottage, but doing BBQ with good friends and then going to festivals actually worked a really great as a replacement!

Have to say that as a festival Donauinsel was really well-managed to be free! You got access to Donauinsel really easy with a metro and there was no long walk to the festival area at all. Because of the birthday party, we arrived quite late to the area, but there was still some artists playing in the evening. We ended up watching Cro, who is a German rapper and known for wearing a panda mask during the concerts and also for photos.

Cro in Ö3 stage

Next day I went to the area with Beata and Doug to see mainly Mando diao. This time we arrived a little earlier and the area looked so beautiful in setting sun! Before Mando diao there was one band called Mighty Oaks performing on FM4 stage. I had never heard about them before, but the band was amazing and I really liked the musick that they played! In the end, the evening culminated to dancing along Mando diao. Now my white Converses are pretty much destroyed due to festival… But hey that’s what festivals are  made for, right?

Mighty Oaks performing. I really like to find new music and this was a great new band acquaintance!

Sunday was the last day of Donauinsel, but unfortunately I skipped it this time. I planned to go there first alone, but then it really started raining and thundering. Because I didn’t have any company to go there or either a rain coat, I decided to stay home. At least we had pizza with Beata and Doug, and in the evening Charlotte and Detti invited me to watch a movie together. They even made chocolate mousse, so I felt much better. Still I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t see Alma on live. But hey that’s life and I’m sure she will have many gigs in Finland in the future.

Donauinsel was all in all a really great festival and I hope to visit it maybe again some day if possible. Also weather was nothing like normally back home, when you have to prepare yourself to almost every existing weather condition to survive trough festival days, haha! I prefer more this nice smooth summer temperature in the evenings. This was also my last weekend in here so I couldn’t have any better event than this!


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