New summer look from Bratislava

As the weather started warming up slowly towards the summer, I swore that I wouldn’t complain about the heat, because back home it would be colder, rainy and cloudy most likely. Still have to say that enough is enough.  Heat wave hit the city in the beginning of the week and has continued since then. It started to be a little hard to stay in city when it’s +34 and especially sleeping is uncomfortable in nights. Luckily we have at least Donau where you can go cool down during the days!I had my last exam on Wednesday so now I’m officially on summer holiday! Although my studies hasn’t been too laborious at all, it still felt really good to finish for this year. This was also my last whole week left in Vienna before leaving, so I filled my days with program to make the most out of staying.

Detti, Beata and me tasting “Apfelstrudel” in Ride club

On Wednesday I met again with Jan and Simon to have a long-awaited pizza night. I really looked forward to the evening, because Jan is known as a great pizza-maker! Also his room-mate Elia, who I met in other field courses, joined us. The more the merrier! Pizzas turned out to be amazing and I really enjoyed again spending time together. Such a cozy evening.

Next morning I was supposed to travel with Beata to Bratislava, just to have a nice lazy day trip and simultaneously to have a haircut there. We got a really cheap bus tickets (total only 12€!!) so it was more than a better deal. First we visited in tourist info in order to find a place for a haircut.

Right away we got an address and for our luck we didn’t have to wait at all. I felt little bit nervous about cutting my hair, because the lady who did it, didn’t speak any English and she started so efficiently cutting my hair, that I was worried how it will turned out to be. However, just after 15 mins she was finished and my long bob looked amazing! I really loved the new style that I got, my hair feels also now much better and it’s nice and light to have shorter model for summer. Also Beata looked really nice with her new hair!

Rest of the day we basically just hung out in the old town, had a nice lunch and walked also up to castle to enjoy the views. Really cozy and lovely day!

As I said before, I felt really sad when starting to think about leaving Vienna behind after one week. Towards to end of this week I however made somehow peace with the fact that I’m leaving soon back to Finland. At one point, when sitting in a tram, homesickness also hit me after a long time. Might be because Midsummer time was getting closer… Still, I’m glad that I have some days left here to spend with friends and to make the most of my stay in Vienna.

Till the next time!


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