Rainbows, a good friend and birthday parties – two-week stories from Wien

Last two weeks contained many happening in Vienna along with traveling so I decided to combine them to this one post.

After coming back from Rax we had a weekend full of birthday parties ahead of us, to wit, Patrick and Charlotte both had their birthday only two days apart each other. To celebrate their aging we had first Patrick’s party, where we first swam by Donau, had BBQ and enjoyed afterwards the evening in his place. Charlotte’s party took place right next day and this time we just stayed by the Donau whole evening. Thanks for both  lovely parties, Patrick and Charlotte!

Happy birthday Charlotte and Patrick!

On Sunday I finally had time to rest after Croatia, Rax and marathon birthdays. Beata, Doug and I planned to have a lazy day together by going to Mariahilfe to have pizza and in the evening there was also a free outdoor cinema event near Prater, where they showed Vicky Christina Barcelona. Outdoor cinema was really worth of checking out! The whole setting was perfect: warm calm evening and clear sky, so you watched movie under the stars. For some reason they had also fireworks in Prater. Not a bad evening at all.

Last week started again with studies and I had my second last exam on Tuesday. For me it seems that exams in here aren’t that demanding as back home. Or maybe I just happened to choose the easy ones… However, the highlight of the week was my friend Laura’s visit here in Vienna! She is one of the best friend of mine back home and I was so happy to have Laura and her Erasmus friends from Amsterdam here. One big happy reunion!

Laura and her friends were staying in Vienna three days, so during these days I filled again tour guide’s shoes and gave my already traditional tour around Vienna for them. I had such a lovely time with the girls! We had so much to talk about since last meeting and it was also really nice to get to know Laura’s friends! In the last evening I had also Wiener Philharmoniker‘s concert in Musikverein with my friends. Even tho I don’t really know anything about classical music, I can still surely say that they aren’t said to be one of the best for no reason! And tickets cost only 6€! After 2 hours of standing in concert we decided to have drinks all together and we continued the evening in a night club until the morning.

Multinational girls in Schönnbrun!
Musikverein was really impressive inside as almost all the buildings in Vienna

Last day we were really lucky, because there was a huge happening in the city centre – Vienna Pride Parade! The whole Ringstraße was filled with variously dressed people partying and celebrating. This was my first Pride parade and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It was warming to see smiling people in a happy mood celebrating equality – no matter who you are, which is your sexuality or gender. Still maybe the most heartwarming thing was to see Vienna’s teachers attending the parade and flagging for diversity. Sadly I had to say also good-bye to Laura, but silver lining is that we will see each other again after July in Finland!

Altogether these days included so many nice moments that it was kind of hard to cut anything out of the text, even though it’s already quite long, haha.

‘Till the next time!


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