Spring Break in Croatia

Beginning of June kind of surprised me, because it came so suddenly. This also means for me that I only have one month left until my exchange is over. Even though there’s still plenty of time to carry out some plans, at the same time I feel sad that I have to leave after 4 weeks. I realise now how attached to Vienna and Austria I have become.

Now that countdown of last month started I really wanted to make every day count and we totally kicked June started by travelling to Croatia for Spring Break! I have never witness spring breaks before, so I have to say that I had my expectations about it. Normally I’m not too big fan of this kinds of huge party events, but after all, the weekend was so much fun!!

Me, Oscar, Beata, Doug and Richard ready for Spring Break!

After almost 12 hours of traveling we finally arrived to Novalja, which is located in one of the Croatia’s islands. Because weather was awesome we hit the Zrce Beach right away. Apparently this place is really famous of its spring breaks and big parties on the beach. Have to admit, they have really nice frames for that. Around 5000 students, beautiful blue Adriatic Sea with white stone beach and really cool beach club, where dj TUJAMO was performing on Saturday.

In total we spent four days in there and all days were filled with swimming, enjoying beach and partying in daytime and in the evening. Pretty exhaustive weekend, so to say, but taking brakes on beach between parties really helped a lot. And I’m also so tanned now! But in our defend I have to mention that we also did some water sports, more precise wake boarding! Even though it was really demanding and challenging, it was also really fun, and once you got how to ride it, the feeling was awesome! Afterwards it also rewarded you with sore muscles. I’m still really keen for trying this out some other time.

Wake boarding was much harder than it first looked, but so cool when mastered it – even for several seconds!

All and all this Spring Break really fulfilled my expectations and I had a blast parting under the sun and by the sea! Again it was nice to return to Vienna with many new cool memories and also with nicely bronze skin.




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