Wonderful weekend in Alps

If you ever have a chance to travel Upper Austria (Oberösterreich), seize it. You won’t be regretting it at all. My friends and me travelled there in last weekend and it was maybe one of the most memorable place to visit! No matter where you travelled in this area, everything looked like taking straight from a postcard. So marvellous places that sometimes you had to stop thinking, is this even from this world! Sceneries with crystal clear blue lakes, majestic mountains and flower meadows – what else you could ask for?

Weekend started by hitting the road and taking Almsee as the first destination. Drive  from Vienna to there took around 3 hours, but it didn’t feel long at all, because sceneries started building up more and more beautiful while reaching the lake area. Our whole company took a big breath by infatuation when we saw the first big mountains. Combining these with beautiful forest roads, we already knew, that once we see the lakes we were not going to  be disappointed.

I could stay on these roads

On Friday we mainly spend a day just experiencing two lakes called Almsee and smaller and quite remote Ödsee. Even thought air temperature was around 25 degrees, don’t let bright blue lake water fool you, because it was still very chilly! Despite of this we had to try it out. Dip in the water really made your blood circulate and at least afterwards feeling was nice! There was also one grass snake (Natrix natrix) joining us in water!

Smaller Ödsee was also really charming place with a surrounding alp forest area and mountains in the horizon. To be able to reach the lake we had to take a small walk, but I really enjoyed spending some time in forest. In the lake itself we saw small fishes, that started eating your dead, skin if you stayed motionless long enough and one water scorpion (Nepa cinerea). This trip turned out to be also a really good opportunity for biologist to observe species, haha!

On the second day our aim was to visit Hallstatt, which is one of the most visited places in Austria – no wonder why. Even China built a full-scale replica of the entire town, because they admired it so much!

Hallstatt itself is a small city located on shore of the Hallstätter See, surrounded by mountains and is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides tourism, Hallstatt is  also known for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times. We explored city first  by climbing on top of Salzberg, where opened really majestic view over Hallstatt and to  the lake. After quite exhausting climb Radler tasted better that ever! The city itself was also really atmospheric with old beautiful houses just between the lake and mountain hill.

Iconic Hallstatt scenery

On the last day we had to say goodbye to our apartment and to sweet Rußbach village before driving to our last destination Attersee, which is actually the largest lake of the Salzkammergut region. Because last two days were really long and pretty exhausting, we planned to just have a nice beach day by the lake. Weather really favoured us in whole weekend plus swimming and naps under the sun really came in need for everyone.

In the evening it was a pity to leave these amazing landscapes behind, but after spending this weekend in Alps I can truly say that I left part of my heart to Austria. I hope to be able to visit these landscapes again, because they were surely one of the best I have seen in my life. Truly amazing. No wonder why people are fascinated by Alps over and over again!

Bis nächste Zeit!


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