Small story about Brno

Have to say that I didn’t have almost any idea about Brno before visiting there. First, I knew that it’s the second biggest city in Czech Republic. Second, that they have a castle. Third, it has a hard name to pronounce.

Beautiful weather made Brno even better! 

Additionally to all this, Brno turned out to be really nice place to have a day trip from Vienna and Brno’s city area was formerly colonised about 1000 years ago! Doug and me spend there around 7 hours and in this time you could see easily most parts of the city. In my opinion just walking around was the best way to experience it, because everything was located really close by. I was also really positively surprised about the price levels. Bus tickets there and back, drinks, eating two times in restaurant in the city centre cost in total only 36 € each! Student’s wallet was thankful for that.

What were then final results about Brno? The city itself was really calm (maybe because of Sunday) and sleepy in a good way. Just a nice peaceful Sunday. I also really liked that Brno didn’t feel too touristy at all. Moreover, I fell in love with its beautiful architecture, colourful houses and many green areas. I would recommend to travel there if you want to spend a nice day and also eat well.

Why don’t they build houses like this anymore? 

Till next time!


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