Heat wave in Vienna

Now I’m back again in Vienna and life has landed mor or less back to its tracks.

I didn’t remember how laborious studying was… Last week I actually studied a lot. Not kidding. Only two days time period we had in total 11 hours just Conservation Planning lectures. That’s what I call marathon lectures. Anyhow, I ended up sitting right next to a Finnish guy in lectures just by accident. What a funny coincidence!

I also had my first exam about Importance of Zoos in Conservation, which was in fact a spoken exam! That was something really new to me! There were four students carrying it out at the same time and we had to answer to questions that were presented in front of everyone. For me this was at first really anxious, because we have nothing like this back home. Good think, I believe I passed the exam even thought I only had one day to be prepared to it after Ponza!

Blue sky and even bluer Danube

In addition to studying, I still had enough free time to enjoy the heat wave that arrived to Vienna in beginning of the week! Nice landing from Italy’s climate to here! On the hottest day of the week me and friends went having beach life by Danube. Sun was shining and it was +29°C warm – just like a hot summer day, but this time by the river! I was surprised how warm and clear water in Danube was and we didn’t have any hurry to stop swimming. Moreover, after beach life I went to play beach volley with Clemens and his friends. This was just a perfect summer day for me!

As I previously told you I have a huge pile of Finnish candy and rye bread here in Vienna. In order to get rid of most of it, I had finally time to organise a Finnish evening to my friends. Weather was still on our favour so we spend a nice night outside in my dormitory’s yard and had even a possibility to do some BBQ. I really enjoyed sharing a small piece of my culture with them in shape of Finnish candy, music and not to forget Jaloviina.

Menu of the evening. Sugar overload ahead! 

At the same time Ice Hockey World Championship games were on and I heard about a possibility to watch Finland’s games from a big screen and even with Mertaranta’s legendary commentary! On Saturday I went to this sport bar and met there so many other Finns. Moreover, the atmosphere was awesome! Sport spirit at its best. Even though we lost the game, I still enjoyed this a lot and it felt really nice to speak Finnish after such a long time.

Pointers filled with Finns. Go Suomi!!

As contrast for the Finnish culture I went also with “Ponza-boys” to listen Voodoo Jürgen’s free concert, which was organised by local radio station FM4. Frankly, I didn’t understand anything he was singing, but I still liked the concert a lot and Simon was nice by translating to me some parts of the songs. So cool to see also Austrian culture in the eyes of locals!

Now even evenings and nights start to be warm and I just love it! It’s really nice to be able to walk outside without jacket in light clothing and not to feel cold. Oh summer, how I’ve missed you!


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