Roman holiday

Sun, +23 degrees and a kind breeze from the ocean. What else could you ask for? I’m now writing this post in Italy, where I’m spending one week in this beautiful island called Ponza! However, this is not supposed to be a holiday trip (even thought it feels a little like it), but a field course about bird migration. I’m gonna tell you a little later what we are actually doing here.

On Saturday evening I took my belongings and hop on a train heading to Italy with one of my course mate. First destination before Ponza was however Rome, where we were going to spend the first day of the trip. After Rome we were supposed to take an other train to Formia and from there a ferry to the island. Lot of travelling be in for. I was honestly really surprised how nicely night train journey went and we got actually a really good night’s sleep. Too bad it got dark so soon that enjoying the landscape was quite hard. After 13 hours travelling we finally arrived to Italy!

Weather was already warm and even thuogh I had visited Rome before, it was so nice to visit Italy again after many years! Last time we were also quite in hurry all while trying to see all the main attractions. This time I felt like I finally got the chance actually just enjoy the city itself and just enjoy the atmosphere, when there were no “pressure” to see all.

Simon and me started experiencing Rome where ever else than from Colosseum. From there we just crisscrossed the old city area. Even though we didn’t have any real plan, we still saw almost all the main spots! After long walk we went back to hostel to rest a little and met at the same time other travellers. While everyone was quite hungry we went outside together to eat Italian ice cream and pizza. Combination of my two favourite Italian dishes ever! I can promise that I’m going to eat and taste so many different foods during this week, bacause Italian kitchen is awesome!

Once everyone was satisfied with food we headed again back to old city centre to enjoy Rome also at night-time. Now there were not too many tourists anymore compared to daytime when every Piazza were crowded with people. From Fontana di Trevi we continued walking to Pantheon, in front of which we ended up sitting many hours. Time really flew and it was also so nice to meet new people!

Trevi was also nice in night lighting
Couple of wine bottles and new friends having a great night in front of the Pantheon

Next day after breakfast we didn’t have that much time anymore, so we made a short walking tour near Colosseum and after coffee Simon and me had to say goodbye to our new friends. Even though we only had one night in Rome I really enjoyed experiencing city again in good company. It’s also so nice to be back in Italy, because the country itself is beautiful and has so much to offer. Also a chill lifestyle and atmosphere is really enjoyable. Still I was quite excited at the same time to leave Rome behind and head to a new destination.

Next time more about Ponza and the field course itself.
Stay tuned!



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