Easter tour – Part 6: The end of the journey in golden city, Prague

Eventually everything good has to come to an end and this is going to be the last part of my Easter tour posts. The last but not the least destination of our trip was beautiful Prague – the promised city of good beer! For me this city has also a very special relationship since we had a school trip there many years ago and I still remember it  with warm. It felt really nice to come back to this wonderful city and experience it again. It’s really shameful to admit, but last time we didn’t even visited Charles Bridge so this BIG mistake had to be fixed! This time we had also a chace to taste Czech beers, which locals are very proud of. This also makes Czech Republic the must place to visit for beer lovers! To my liking especially dark Kozel was really good.

After an other long night in Polskibus we arrived very early to Prague. After dropping stuff to hostel and having a breakfast, weather didn’t still show any marks of improving so we just had a lazy morning and strolled a little in old town. There was still Easter market areas open in main square so we took a change to drink some hot wine there.

When arriving to hostel we also found out that our three girl roommates in hostel are also exchange students from Vienna and they were even taking the same bus back home in the next day. What a coincidence! Later on the day we started walking around the city and visiting all the must see places. Now I can also proudly say that I’ve walked across the Charles Bridge! We also visited St. Vitus Cathedral and castle area in upper hills, before meeting girls at Astronomical clock in order to go for a dinner. We happened to get to the clock just when it was about start ring and, oh my, there were so many people!

The last day of our holiday was luckily a little bit warmer than others and sun was even shining! Our hostel recommended us Café Louvre so we headed there for a breakfast. It appeared that the café was a historical place, which was established in 1902. Since then many famous people, such as Franz Kafka as well as Albert Einstein, have used this place as a meeting point. Place was really atmospheric, quality-price ration was in place and  they had such tasty pancakes! Many locals had were also having a brunch there and tables were full all the time, but luckily service was efficient.

This time we didn’t have that much time to spent, so last places that we visited were John Lennon Wall and Petrin hill, which is surrounded by multiple parks. More climbing be in for! From there we got the see the last glimpse to this amazing city.

In the afternoon came time to leave Prague and head back to Vienna. It felt a little strange to start the journey back after all these days in amazing cities, but at the same time it we were really pleased about our journey.

What this adventure then gave me? First of all many wonderful experiences about  different countries and cultures. Second, a possibility to travel to whole new countries and meeting friends on the way. But most of all, I felt that this journey included so many wonderful moments with lovely people and memories, that I can look back many times after years. All and all, I’m more than glad and very thankful to share these experiences with important people!



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