Easter tour – Part 4: Exploring Budapest and having a cold spell in spring

Around noon we arrived to our next destination Budapest. For me this was already second time visiting the city, but last time was almost 6 years ago so it was nice to return the city. Our traveling group also expanded with two companions, when Beata and her boyfriend Max arrived to Budapest! Budapest is mainly known maybe as a beautiful traveling destination and from its spas, but moreover from its bars and parties. Right in the first day we went to check out one really cool looking bar on Pest’s side and night was much fun!

Next day we started scouring around the city and first we headed to Buda’s side. We visited for example Budapest’s Liberty Statue and Buda castle. These both places required a lot climbing, but so far this seems to be the case in every city that we’ve visited so why not breaking the habit? However, once we hit the top of the huge hill we had an amazing view of whole city.

Time flew really fast while exploring Buda’s side and we didn’t even notice that we walked maybe more than 15 km in total! After dinner exhaustion started anyhow hitting us. We planned to go out again and even bought pre-drinks, but once we arrived to hostel just to take a little nap, we ended up sleeping two hours and woke up at 11 PM… This time party turned into a cozy night at hostel drinking beer and playing card.

Last day we woke up in absurd scenery. It was raining sleet outside! Once I left Finland I thought that I don’t have to deal with snow anymore and not at least in April! Our bus was leaving not until midnight and because weather was very cold (2°C), windy and it rained a lot whole day, we planned to visit House of Terror. The aim of the building is to establish a museum in order to present bloody communism and fascism periods of Hungarian history. Museum is also a monument to the memory of those held captive, tortured and killed in this building. Very thought-provoking place to visit and also a good way to get idea of the other side of Budapest’s history. Finally very late in the evening we hopped on a night bus and started traveling to Poland.

Next time stories about Krakow!



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