Easter tour – Part 3: Fellowship breaks apart and days in rainy Zagreb

Everything flowed really nicely while traveling, until this point when we had to leave Slovenia and hop on the Croatia’s side of the border. Because of last months events, border control level has been risen also when traveling in Europe. For our misfortune Richard didn’t have any kind of valid ID or even passport with him and officers didn’t allow him to enter the train. After quick exchange of words we decided to leave him in Slovenia and continue the trip to Zagreb without him. Luckily Tjaša was there to help him solve the situation. So the fellowship broke apart and train left without one member.

Surrogate Richard is still happy to be with us

Once we arrived Zagreb me, Oscar and Dough started exploring the city. Even though Zagreb is Croatia’s capital city it’s not too big and we were easily able to see almost everything in one day time period. I also liked that street art was greatly present in town.  Weather had also turned much more chillier than earlier in the week so now we had a perfect opportunity to visit Museum of Broken Relationships. The exhibition was also in Helsinki last summer, but me and my friend just missed it, when it was the last day in there. Now I got the chance to go there thought! Museum was interesting, full of stories and surely something different.

In the evening we also took connection to Richard and got some good news! He was joining us in Zagreb in the next day’s morning! He had to take a “short” detour and travel all the way back to Vienna to pick up his passport, while embassies were all closed because of Easter holiday. So the group was complete again!

Next day dawned also really rainy. We were planning to visit Plitvice lakes, but unfortunately all bus tickets were sold out and weather wasn’t that tempting too. After a while we decided to just randomly travel to nearest little village called Samobor. The  bus was completely empty, in town almost everything was closed and it was really starting to rain cat and dogs. It didn’t seem to be so good idea after all – more like a huge mistake…

After coffee break the weather cleared up and we actually got a chance to explore the town. After all it turned out to be really nice day! We found old castle ruins in hills a little bit outside of the town and spend there a great amount of time just climbing and chilling. What a wonderful place and perfect for playing hide and seek! In the evening we were really happy that we just spontaneously jumped into unknown.

Next time we are heading to Budapest and meeting more friends!


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