Easter tour – Part 2: Picturesque Ljubljana and Easter dinner with Slovene family

From Graz the adventure continued with bus towards Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. I had already heard that the city is amazingly beautiful and it really fulfilled my expectations! Moreover, this time we had again luxury to have a local personal tour guide, because we were supposed to meet Tjaša later in the day.

First day passed by basically just walking around the city and tasting local food (and beer of course). Because every city in Middle Europe seems to have a huge castle hill in middle of the city center, we had to climb again to see the panorama both in day and night-time. Compared to Graz night scenery was maybe not as beautiful in Ljubljana, but  still really nice. However in day-time it was a perfect spot to see almost every important attractions of Ljubljana.

Next day we left Ljubljana and Tjaša picked us up with her car. We took a direction to lake Bled, which was said to be one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Again we didn’t have to be disappointed. Scenery was really breathtakingly beautiful with bright blue lake, castle hill, church island and green mountains! Truly amazing place. We spend there almost the whole day and enjoyed the weather. Even though lake’s water was not too warm, Oscar and Doug still encouraged themselves (with a little pressure…) to jump in the lake and take a really quick swim!

Breathtakingly beautiful lake Bled!

After Bled we made a quick stop at the Triglav National Park, where are also located Julijske Alps and Slovenia’s highest point. For our pity weather was turning rainy, but it would be so awesome to return there some day to have a longer hike.

In the evening we drove to Novo mesto, where Tjaša is from. We had a really great chance to visit a Slovene house and meet at same time her parent. Tjaša’s mom cooked also an amazing dinner for us with delicious dumplings and they offered us their village’s own wine. After really nice evening we woke up in the next day to have again amazing Slovene style Easter breakfast with colored eggs, meat, cheese and home-made potica. Potica was a typical bread kind of pastry, what they make always in easter time. We drew such a hospitable from them!

Happy Easter!


Next time road takes us to Zagreb!


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