Easter tour around the Europe – Part 1: Meeting an old friend in Graz

Now that I’m back in Vienna I have finally some time to write about the Easter trip that we made two weeks ago. Even though we spend 13 days on the road time flew super fast, but we experienced so many amazing things while traveling! Because these days contain so many different cities with multiple stories to tell, I decided to make several posts about the whole trip in order to make them possible to read. May I present you an Easter trip series – Part one!

Easter holiday starts one, two, three… NOW!!

The whole adventure started on Thursday 11.4. when me and my three bodyguards (Doug, Richard and Oscar) jumped in to the bus and travelled to Graz, where we planned to stay couple of days. I was really waiting to get there, because we were also going to meet my friend Jakob, who I met more than year ago when traveling in Cambodia. It was so nice to meet an old friend again after all this time! He was also so kind and hosted us in his apartment, which was located right in the middle of Graz’s central. He also introduced the city and its stories to us. Anyhow, right after the first night we strongly believed that there was a ghost in his apartment, which was tinkling classes in the kitchen and causing French flag to drop from the wall. We named him Andy. Hope he’s not too angry if we bothered his peace…

Graz itself is a really nice small city with beautiful old city center, which is under UNESCO protection. It’s the second largest city in Austria and also known as a youthful university city, but at least in Easter time it was little sleepy, but however still really nice. Because weather was sunny and warm we climbed to clock tower hill to just enjoy the scenery and afterwards started tasting local beers in nearby park area. In the evening we also went in a pub, because Mittwoch ist Schnittwoch, and afterwards decided to climb again to the hill to see the night panorama, which really was worth all climbing and having sore muscles!

All and all, for a first destination Graz was really wonderful and I highly enjoyed staying there. Of course it was so delightful to meet Jakob again in his own town and catch up. The marvelous thing about having friends around the world is that almost everywhere you go there might be a friendly face welcoming you. Thank you Jakob so much for having us!!

Next time stories from Slovenia!



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