How rainy week turned out to be full of warmness, love and laughter

Now it’s official that I’m on HOLIDAY! Easter holiday just started and I had finally time to dedicate for resting. To be honest I also had to, because I caught a flu as a souvenir from Romania… First tree days I felt quite sick but now I’m feeling like having the upper hand. Particularly evening in Mexican restaurant, that Oscar organized, really helped a lot! Food was just spicy enough to open my respiratory tracts and two shots of tequila (which btw were really good ones!) took care of the rest by killing bacteria.

This might not sound as a big deal, but I also finally had a chance to do laundry! Since moving in I had huge difficulties with paying my laundry, because payment machine does accept only certain type of cards. This week I finally got one that works with a help of friends and I have to say that I’ve never been this excited to do laundry. Now some might thing that I haven’t wash my clothes in month, but his is not the case. I did it by hand in a sink. You heard me…

Problems didn’t quite end there. For my terror I also found out that almost all the pictures from my blog were corrupted! I spend almost one whole day to fixing the problem and gathering used pictures together. WHAT A MESS! Now problem should be fixed and everything in condition. Don’t feel like doing this any time soon again…

In spite of troubles, the rest of the week was wonderful! My mom traveled here with her friend on Sunday, which I really looked forward to! Too bad that my sister or dad couldn’t make it, but I was still very pleased to have at least one family member as a visitor. She also had a big surprise package for me with full of Finnish candy and rye bread that I’ve really been graving for! I love you mom! Although we had only two days time to spend together I really enjoyed presenting the city, showing the hoods where I live and having a quality time. It was amazing, how Vienna truly showed its best side with green parks, Easter markets and plenty of sunshine. Earlier the week was so chilly and rainy… In these two days we scoured basically all “must see” places and had even time to just relax and drink coffee/beer/wine outside in the sunshine!

Me and mom ❤️

Easter is also just behind the corner, which means I’ll be outside of Vienna spending almost 2,5 week-long holiday period by traveling! The plan is to travel together with friends around Europa in different nearby countries. I’m really hyped about the whole trip! For sure I’m going to be really busy during traveling, so I’m not sure if I’m able to update the blog for a while. Anyhow, when I’m again back in Vienna I’ll give a post or two about the whole experience, just keep in hanging there! Meanwhile I’m just sticking to my bullet journal.

Hope you all have a happy easter and remember to eat enough chocolate eggs!


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