Chasing vampires in Transylvania 

What a week! Days have been so stuffed with program that I did hardly have any time to write a post, but TADAA here it is! Spring has surely taken huge steps last week – weather is around +20, trees have leafs and everything is blooming. It sure feels like summer already!

The biggest and most interesting thing from last week was nevertheless trip to Transylvania in Romania that finally took place!! I was really looking forward to this, but so that things are not too easy there was a HUGE problem with my registration. For some reason my payment wasn’t registered in ESN’s records and they thought I’m not attending the trip. I got information about this 5 hours before the leaving, so I had to rush to ESN office to solve the whole mess through. Luckily I got a spot and everything sorted out after all. This was said to be the first time something like this happened – and they say I have no luck at all…

Whole ESN group in Dracula’s castle

However, when I told my friends that I was traveling to Romania, first reactions were “Why on earth are you traveling there??” and I can really relate to this. When making travel plans Romania is not the first country that pops in to your head as a destination. To be honest I did know almost nothing about the country before visiting there. Only expectations were really poor country, dirty cities, of course Dracula and gypsies. But at this time it was really nice to be wrong with my expectations!! I would recommend one to visit Transylvania at least ones, if you have opportunity to travel there, because at least for me, it was really eyes opening experience.

Countryside was actually very beautiful filled with many castles, Carpathians mountains snow on top of them, shepherds with sheep and hilly landscape. After traveling 12 h by bus we finally arrived to Romania. On weekend we visited Sibiu and Brasov, which are clean and well-managed old European cities.

Of course we also had to see the most known attraction of Romania – Bran’s castle maybe better known as Dracula’s castle. It was mainly used as a fortress for protecting the Transylvania area from invaders so no one got any vampire bites, at least this time… Later we visited also Corvin castle, which is even bigger than Bran’s castle and is one of the largest castles in Europe. It also figures in a top of seven wonders of Romania.

Sure we also had to taste some local specialties for example Țuică (Romanian spirit made of plums) and afterwards we went partying in Sibiu to Romanian night club, which was interesting experience so to say. Club itself was quite fancy, but from time to time they were throwing napkins as confetti from the ceiling. Didn’t quite work the same way…

All and all I really enjoyed the weekend, even though I was super exhausted after all that travelling. Of course Romania has also areas that are not so attractive and really poor, but in Transylvania Saxons and Hungarian had a great impact on the area itself. Still I’m really happy that I booked this trip!

Last week University also organized a welcome reception for incoming international students and they offered us free (amazing!) food and even wine! In addition I also did my duty as a good Finnish citizen and voted in municipal election in Finland’s embassy. It worked out really easily and was a new experience to do abroad.

I also decided to start a new hobby here, so me, Charlotte and Detti signed up for dancing lessons and at the end of the course there will be a small ball. Should be really cool! Dancings lessons are held in Hetzendorf castle and the aim is to learn how to dance Wiener waltz, Foxtrot, cha-cha-cha, rumba and boogie. Lets see how this works out!

Nächstes Mal!


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