Milestone for one Month!

I can’t believe I’ve been already ONE MONTH in Vienna! It feels like I was just worrying what to pack with me, but at the same time that seems still so far away. Time really flies in here! First of all I have to apologize, because this post might be slightly longer than usually, because so much has happened this week! Hope you are not going to end up be too frustrated…

On Monday to make the most of my day off I decided to visit Bratislava and I travelled to Slovakia, which was a whole new country to my never-ending travelling list! From Vienna it takes only about 1 h to get there by bus, because distance is only little less than 70 km! Due to this, Vienna and Bratislava are the most closest capital cities in the world.

This time I was travelling alone, because everyone else had other plans or classes to attend. I paid only 10€ in total for bus tickets and it included also free drinks, like coffee, in the bus. Very nice! In total I spend 8 h in Bratislava, which was more than enough. City is not that big and for some reason it reminded me of Tallinn. Old town was nice with all the old buildings and atmospheric restaurants, but other parts of the city was little bit untidy for my liking. So nothing really special, but still worth of a day trip! I didn’t make any real plans for the day, so I just wandered streets (got lost…) and visited everything that seemed interesting.

But certain upside was price level (at least for a student), which was lower than in Vienna. I ended up spending my last hours in shopping center and I left there with two pairs of brand new Nikes. Ooops…  But all in all, I had a great time visiting Bratislava and also weather was nice and warm.


In order not to be too homesick I had in this week special guests from Finland! Girls spent four days in here, during which I was trying my wings as their private tour guide and guiding them through all Vienna’s must see places. Also I even got to see some places that I haven’t visited before like Hundertwasserhous, Stephansdom’s tower and Natural history museum, which was truly amazing place for a biology student! Also, as a devoted organiser, I already had a holiday plan for them, which I called “Wien must do” list.

Oh and I almost forget to say that I also had a job interview in beginning of this week for summer internship in Helsinki’s Finnish Museum of Natural History (Luomus) in department of zoology! For my luck we managed to do the interview via Skype, so I didn’t have to book flight tickets back to Finland. After interview I didn’t have to wait the answer more than one day and I almost choked to my Sachertorte in Aida when I heard that I GOT THE INTERNSHIP PLACE!!! I can’t describe how happy I’m to got a work from my own study field! Of course we had to celebrate that, therefore on Saturday we went to have first pre-drinks with my Vienna friends and after that we kept partying until the sunrise at 7 in the morning.

Our lovely boys also organized us a late International Women’s day dinner. They cooked us so many good courses and also bought champagne and drinks for the evening. What gentlemen we have!

The whole week included so much program that I’m super exhausted right at the moment, but it sure was so much fun!!

Bis später!


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