Our epic roadtrip and experiencing Vienna’s cultural side

Now that Vienna is getting too familiar for us, we finally escaped from the city this week and explored some nearby areas!

On weekend we decided to make a little trip to Kahlenberg, which is a little mountain just outside of Vienna. Because the weather was so nice it was perfect destination to spend the whole Sunday. It was also nice that the place is really easy to reach out by bus and after arriving there you have an amazing view over the whole city! We also took a little walk in the near forest area. Really nice place to visit again when it’s little bit warmer and also perfect place to watch sunsets! After enjoying the views we stop in village called Grinzing for a dinner in Heuriger which are typical Viennese taverns and always offer food and local wines. Just a nice lazy Sunday!

At the top of Kahlenberg

This time week started in really laid-back way. On Monday it was Rector’s Day, which meant that we had a day off from Uni and chance to seize the day doing a road trip! Therefore we rented a car and hit Austrian roads right in the morning. We basically spent the whole day just driving outside of Vienna on the countryside and visiting these little villages and towns like Baden, Eisenstadt, Rust, Neusiedler lake and Castle Hof. To our bad luck Castle Hof was closed because travelling season is not yet started, but in other cities it was nice and quiet. It felt almost like time has stopped. Moreover, the weather was perfect! Sun was shining all day and there were no clouds at all. Just perfect. Also the countryside was really beautiful with all vineyards, even thought it’s not yet the growth season.


When the sun was starting to set, we stopped in Heuriger outside of Baden and had a dinner there. It was maybe the best dinner so far! Food was delicious, portions huge and prizes were cheap! We, who weren’t driving, also ordered a bottle of local wine and it was really good! After 12 hours driving we returned back to Vienna. Even though we were little bit exhausted from the trip, it was totally worth it! It was such a nice way to spend a day off, just exploring the country with friends and having a really good time. I can’t also stop wondering how many hawks there were in the countryside and we even saw one deer and some kind of weasel on the way!  I’m really looking forward more adventures like this one!!

As many of you might already know Vienna is also really famous about its theaters, operas and ballets. I got finally a chance to experience these sophisticated things, when my local ESN buddy invited me to watch a play with her friends. On Wednesday we went to see Moliere’s The Misanthrope (Der Menschenfeind) in Volkstheater and the theater itself was already worth of visiting! I also enjoyed the play, even though I had pretty hard time now and then to understand what actors were speaking. Good thing was that they had also English subtitles projected on the upper wall so I could take a peek there whenever I lost a track.   

All and all the weather is getting warmer and in this week we already had 20°C! Most of the days people are sitting outside in parks and café, restaurants and bars have opened terraces. Trees are also starting to get leafs and flowers bloom. This week included so many nice days worth of telling, so I added here some pictures and let them tell the story.


Until next time!


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