Beginning of Erasmus life and it looks really bright

Yet again one week has passed and what an amazing week it has been! Right now I’m pretty exhausted after all the socializing and events, but it all sure was worth of it!

At Monday morning I had a little bit rough start, so to say, because I had such a harsh allergic  reaction in the Sunday evening and my whole face was still swollen up at the morning. But luckily makeup does wonders!

The week started with University orientation and I also took part to ESN’s (Erasmus Student Network) University tour. Later in the day we also had ESN presentation. After all three presentations my head was so stuffed with information! All and all the whole beginning felt really much the same as the first day of the university back home. Everybody were a little nervous , but because we were all at the same situation, people started getting to know each other right a way, which was nice! Making new friends didn’t seem to hard after all, if you just courage yourself and went to talk with them. I also really like the international atmosphere!

This week was pretty much combination of starting studies and running from event to another not forgetting to just hang out with friends. These days included for example Fasching party, hanging out in pubs and tasting local treats.

An Tuesday (Faschingsdienstag) I, Charlotte and Tjaša went to try out local Fasching treat called Krapfen, which is apricot filled doughnut so they kind of remind of our “laskiaispulla”. We found this one really small Vollkornbäckerei Kornradl which has been said to have one of the best Krapfen in Vienna. And we finally found the right place they truly were worth of all trouble! Bakery was so cozy and Krapfen tasted like home-made! Later in the evening we also gathered our gang together and head to the Fasching party.  The night was so much fun!!

Faschingsparty at Travelshack!

On Wednesday we went ice skating in front of the Rathaus where they have built this amazing ice track with beautiful lighting. Even if the days are really warm the ice was actually in really good condition. We sent there about 2 hours and time indeed went fast. Pictures sure tell the rest!

Ice skating team Finland, Australia, Norway and Belgium! Photo by Tjasa

I also took part for ESN’s Schnitzel eating event, so now I can check eating Wiener Schnitzel out of my “Must do in Vienna” list. Afterwards it was good to go monthly organized event called Stammtisch with full stomach.

Pre-patry at Charlotte’s place

Beginning of studies was in the contrary more clumsy than I thought. First of all most of the beginning lectures were held at the same time so I was able to go just half of them. You must also remember to let lecturer know if you can’t make it for the first time or you end up noticing that you have been kicked up from the course.

Also departments are located all over the city. Like somebody just have taken a shotgun and shot the map and decided the locations according to spread of shot. If you have two lectures in a row and in different faculties, fat chance to make it on time.

All and all I don’t feel as homesick as before, maybe because these people here make me feel like home. Even though we have only known each other about a week, it still feels like we have known each other for a longer time! I’m so glad that start was so smooth.

Bis bald!



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