10 points about living in Vienna

Now that I’ve been here such a long time (over one week, haha) I wanted to give you some observations from everyday life that I’ve made in here. I realized, that if I would have put these beside with regular post it would have been exhausting to read. So here’s a little update for that!

1. Vienna is VERY windy city!! Many days have been really warm (if you compare to Finland) but wind makes weather much colder especially in the evenings.

2. Spring is really ahead when comparing to Finland. It feels like April or beginning of May! Now mercury is around 10–15 degrees in the daytime but nights can still be really chilly. I’m so happy that sun shines a lot and I’ve already heard blackbirds, robins and finches singing in parks. Definitely sounds of spring!

3. If you think that client is always right, that’s not the case in Vienna! At first client service may seem even little bit rude before you get used to it. Don’t worry they still mean well and nowadays it’s more like a common thing here. And that’s not the case in every Viennese restaurant.

4. If you are a coffee lover (like me) Vienna is place to be! There are so many nice-looking cafés around the city and most of them offer a major selection of different coffees. Also baked goods are really delicious and always fresh!

5. It’s really common just to buy a take away food or baguette and eat it on the way when going to studies or work.

6. Austria is a little bit old-fashioned in some cases, e.g. shops are not open as long as in Finland. You must remember to buy your groceries before 19.30 and in Saturday even before 18.00 or you have to be content with pieces of food you have or go eating outside. And they are closed on Sundays!

7. It’s still very common that people are allowed to smoke inside the restaurants, cafés and bars, which you just have to get used to. I hope all my jackets and clothes don’t end up smelling cigarette after party nights, not to mention my lungs…

8. Vienna’s public transportation works like a dream! There are so many different ways to travel around the city: U-bahn, Straßenbahn, busses and regional train. And they also run in the middle of the night so no taxis are needed!

9. Our student card is actually made of paper. No kidding! I wonder, if my card is still in condition after 4 months or has it turned to into a pile of cellulose.

10. Food is a little bit cheaper here than in Finland and I do believe I don’t have to compare the alcohol prices! Most of the time ecological and organic food is almost the same price as other products. Before leaving I had also my concerns about the breads in Europe, but luckily they sell also dark bred here! Well not like our rye bread, but I’m still very satisfied that I don’t have to eat white wheats all the time.

+ There are no official tutoring groups provided bu Uni for exchange students which was a little surprise for me, but luckily we have such an amazing group to stick to, so you don’t end up being alone! And ESN Uni also organizes many events where you are able to meet a whole punch of new people.

So there was my 10 + 1 observations and hope you find them interesting to read. Or course there are multiple other things I could tell you, but maybe I’ll include them in my other posts in the future.

Bis bald!



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