First week at the imperial city

I have now almost one week behind me living in Vienna and I’ve finally settled down to my new home town. Leaving might have been the hardest part of going abroad. Even though I was really excited about leaving I couldn’t leave without shedding some tears. When the time came, I was so happy that my dad was with me for the first four days helping moving and arranging all basic things up.

Our transit flight from Oslo was unfortunately 1 hour delayed, so I was at least anxious if  we can even manage to get the apartment keys before the office was closed. Luckily we made it on time! By the way my apartment is so nice! It’s quite new and specious enough for me. The surrounding area is also peaceful and one of my roommates said that it’s one of the best places to live in. Nearest U-Bahn station and university are also close by. In addition, it also doesn’t take long to travel to the city centre. Right now dormitory seems really quiet and I’m not sure if there’s some kind of holiday period before new semester or are other students still moving in.

They don’t say Döbling district to be beautiful without a reason!

First two days were really hectic with Ikea-trip and doing all the necessities that moving required. I had to register myself as a resident of Vienna, by filling “Meldezettel” form and deliver it to the nearest magistrate within three working days after arriving to the city. I also have to deliver some more documents to main magistrate within 4 months in order to verify the registration.

However, me and my dad had also almost two days’ time to explore Vienna and what a beautiful city it is! There are so many imperial palaces and fancy buildings around the city. It’s also really easy to see them all just by walking around the city centre, while almost all of them are located close by each other. So me and dad spent most of the days just strolling around the main areas of Vienna and getting to know the places.

My future campus area
The main building of University of Vienna which has been established in 1365.

I also had my 23rd birthday in this week and what a lovely day it was! For this special day we tried to find Sacher cake, but unfortunately not all the main café companies didn’t have it in their selection. But after my birthday dinner I can proudly say that now I have drunken wine in Vienna!

Now my dad has returned back in Finland and my university orientation is about to start next week. Also Fasching or Karneval (“laskiainen” as we call it back home) is just about to get started so I’m really excited to see, if there will be parades and costume carnivals around the city. Should be really cool!

Sorry that this time I ended up beating around the bush, but hopefully you managed to get down here! Till the next time!

Sunset from my apartment’s window



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