Auf Wiedersehen Finnland!

The day has finally come. Tomorrow, at this very moment, I’ll be in Vienna. Unbelievable.

Last two weeks has passed extremely fast! I spend most of the time trying to see most of my friends and have some quality time with them and my family. I was so happy that I managed to meet almost all important people for me! In addition, I also had such a nice farewell party where we did all the very Finnish things including heating sauna and ice swimming.

Even my sister had time to visit and stay almost 5 days in my hometown Hämeenlinna even though she lives far north in Oulu. So that meant some quality sister time! There was also so amazingly nice weather before leaving, so I had my last chance to go skiing with my mother. Also my childhood friends paid a visit and brought me an awesome Finnish survival bag for an exchange and a bottle of sparkling wine! Maybe with these goodies I don’t end up having such a massive homesickness immediately.

Farewell party with Jyväskylä friends
True Finnish survival back!

So that leaving wouldn’t be too easy, there was also a big dark cloud called air traffic strike that was threatening my flight. Luckily for me, the starting time of the strike got chanced!

Regardless I only had a week left, I decided to pay a final visit to Jyväskylä in order to meet my friends there once more before leaving. On the way I had a pit stop in Tampere where this awesome yearly “sport event” Academic Kyykkä World Championship takes place. And what a games they were! I wasn’t actually playing in any team, but I was quite satisfied with sipping hot coco (with some mint-booze of course) and following the games with friends.

At Kyykkä tournament in Tampere

In the last week I didn’t quite get the idea that I was about to leave very soon. Maybe because I kept myself so busy with friends and buzzing around the city. To be honest, even though I’ve had many mixed feelings, these last weeks included so much laughter and nice moments with important people for me so maybe now I’m ready to go. I will certainly miss people back home time to time, but still it’s nice to know that when I’m returning Finland I’ll be able to see them again.

Can I pack this sweety with me?

In the meantime, I’ll try to handle my excitement and have a goodnight sleep before starting this whole new chapter. Tomorrow morning it’s time to grab my passport and say goodbye to Finland.

Next time it’s Vienna!



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